Big Sky Asset Insurance
How Will I Be Trained?

We offer multiple levels of training for new Sales Professions and throughout your career such as:

  • Online self-paced training with ExamFX to prepare you for your state insurance exam.
  • “On the Job” training with other agents and Team Leader to show you the day to day work and techniques used.
  • Group team training in local or regional office. Usually 1-2 days a couple times per year.
  • Sales Academy – 1 week of classroom sales training provided by professional instructors in Dallas or Nashville. All travel expenses are paid.
  • Leadership Training – For individuals that have leadership aspirations, we offer up to 3 levels of classroom training provided in Dallas. All expenses paid.
What Are The Typical Hours I Will Work?

This is a full-time career opportunity. Successful Sales Agents typically commit to 40-50 hours per week. The business to business market is more during the day and Residential market is more typical during evening and weekends.

How Much Will I be Paid?

A great thing about this opportunity is you’re paid what you’re worth. Insurance industry offers some of the highest paid careers in America. There is no limit on how much you can make as a Sales and Management Professional. Base commission, Overrides, Renewals, Monthly Bonuses and multiple incentive trips are all part of the compensation available.

Is There A Limit On The Area I Must Work?

No, you can work anywhere in the state of your residential license and any other state that you purchase non-residential licenses in.

When Can I Go Into Leadership?

There’s NO time limit before you can begin leading, if that’s the right fit for you. Some choose to strictly work as a Sales Agent.

I’ve Never Worked In Sales Before. Can I Still Make A Good Income?
  • YES! Many of the top income earners didn’t have a sales background before this opportunity.
  • Having NO sales experience can actually be an advantage, as we train you from the ground up.
Does The Job Offer Any Paid Benefits?

Cash bonuses are offered to offset much of those costs. Because we are all considered independent contractors, we meet our insurance needs like any other business owner. This allows you flexibility to choose what is best for you personally and your family.

Do I Need To Obtain An Insurance License?

Yes, but if you don’t already have a license, we provide online training/study program free of charge to help you achieve your state license. If you are selected for a position, we will assist you with the process to start the online study program. Ask your recruiter how you may be reimbursed for your license exam.

What Expenses Will I Have?

You are required to have reliable transportation and minimal home office expenses. You will need a cell phone and a personal computer or Tablet is strongly recommended.

How Much Travel Is Involved?

Most of your day to day work will be local, but from time to time there are opportunities or needs to meet with customers outside of your local market. This is usually within 1-4 hours from your home base. There are also 2 national sales conventions per year in destinations like Seattle, Orlando, San Antonio, New York, Miami, Denver, San Diego, etc. The national meetings are optional incentive individual or family trips that you can win by meeting sales goals.